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Theraputics Services

Individual therapy is helpful to a person living with dementia by providing emotional support, education and developing compensatory strategies to maximize autonomy. People living with dementia are vulnerable to symptoms of anxiety and depression, and as such, daily structure and engagement in meaningful activity is encouraged. Community resources that can aid in facilitating this process are explored and incorporated into the treatment plan as needed.

Family members and care partners are often invited to join in the process of creating the most enriching and rewarding environment possible for the person living with dementia. Through fostering a team approach, family members are encouraged to develop systems that will help each other as well as the person living with dementia. Strategies for balancing the needs of all individuals are emphasized.

Wondering about the cute dog? Eva, a certified bright Spot therapy dog, accompanies Dr. Mullen to work each day. Research has shown that animals can provide a calming presence and even facilitate communication in a therapeutic environment. Those who have met Eva tend to agree that she exudes warmth and even adds a bit of comic relief to each session.